haute couture

a new era for braodloom


Jacquard flatweave with endless design possibilities


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100% flatweave wool, firmly rooted in the tradition of the world famous Brussels weave. Modern interpretation called Zig, Zag, Ari, City Stripe and Diamond.

Natural and dark grey colours.



A soft and supple flatweave carpet in polyamide chenille , highlighted with the use of a glossy yarn. The designs are a surprising mix of all overs and faux geometrics with a sprinkle of vintage. The use is both residential and commercial.

Look out for So Chic, Coral, Patch or Jacob…



A blend of 75% wool and 25% cotton chenille for a very “couture” look. They are Karl , Miuccia and Giorgio and are created in exceptional flatweave patterns. thick felt backing makes it ready to fit and and comfy to walk on.

Haute Couture Catalog

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